Flu Virus vs. Human Cell

 - by KitchenPantryScientist

Flu season is in full swing and the Flu virus is everywhere.  Show your kids this amazing animation of how a virus can infect a cell! It links to youtube following the video, so be sure to supervise viewing for younger kids!

Recent testing indicates that American kids are lagging far behind in science. We spend hours reading with our kids, and helping them with math, but most parents don’t encourage science learning the same way.

We can teach our kids to love science before they even hit the classroom.  It can be as simple as watching a Planet Earth video instead of Nickelodeon, or taking your kids on a nature walk.

The experiments on this website are as simple as baking cookies and are calorie-free.  Try one!  Maybe you have a future scientist in your house and just don’t know it.

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