Science Song


Here’s the short version. Lyrics for the longer one below, although I have yet to record it 🙂


Physics, Physics

Biology, Biology

Chemistry, Chemistry

Yeah, Yeah


Physics is the science of the properties

Of matter and energy 

Light, heat, mechanics, radiation

Sound, electricity

Atoms with their clouds of Particles

And magnetism too  

Discovering what make the universe tick

That’s what physicists do


Biology’s the science that’s all about life

Organisms like you and me

Taxonomy, behavior, evolution

Deadly microbes inside a flea

Some biologists sequence lots of DNA

and clone genes in their labs

Study plants, mammals, and invertebrates

Detect bacteria with horseshoe crabs


Chemistry’s not as tricky as it sounds,

In fact, it can be quite fun

There are chemicals around us everywhere we look

They even fuel the sun

Mix two things together and what do you get?

You might make something new

Composition, structure and reactions

Those chemists love their molecules




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