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Buttons Afloat

 - by KitchenPantryScientist

Here’s a quick experiment for bored kids:

You’ll need a button, a glass, water, and a carbonated beverage.

Pour some water in the glass.  Drop the button in.  What happens?

If it sinks*, dump the water out and fill the glass with carbonated beverage.  Drop the button in.  Now what happens?

The button is more dense than the water and sinks in uncarbonated water, but in a carbonated beverage, carbon dioxide bubbles form on the button and make it buoyant, so it floats to the top.

What other sinking objects can you make float with carbonation?

If your kids like this, check out this Float or Sink experiment that even very young kids can do!

*If your button floats, the experiment won’t work, so try to find one that sinks!