Halloween Science Experiments

 - by KitchenPantryScientist

Update!  I’ve added a few more experiments for your Mad Scientist’s laboratory.  Here’s an new post of 10 spooky  Halloween Science experiments (including those below) posted this Oct. (2012) : Click here to check them out.

Since lots of people are looking for fun science experiments to do for Halloween, I compiled some of mine so that they’re easy to find. Just click on the name of the experiment to go to the instructions, see photos of what to do, and learn a little science.  Some of them also have links to my videos or TV segments where I demonstrate how to do the experiments.  They’re all really easy and lots of fun!

Goblin Goo (All you need is cornstarch and water. Here’s a video on how to make the goo.  You can add a little food coloring to the water if you want, but it may stain your hands!)
Bag of Blood (If you have ziplock baggies, water, red food coloring and skewers, you can do this experiment!)
Fizzy Balloon Monster Heads (After we made Goblin Goo, I demonstrated how to make Fizzy Balloon Monster heads. Click here to watch.)
Magic Potion (Bubbly, stinky Halloween fun: I made a short video on how to make magic potion. Click here to watch it.
Mad Scientist’s Green Slime (To see a TV segment where we made Mad Scientist’s Green Slime, click here!)
Apple Mummies (Here’s a link to a TV segment where the kids and I demonstrated how to make Apple Mummies.  Click here.)
Alien Monster Eggs (These make a great centerpiece for a Halloween party, when you’re done playing with them.) I demonstrated how to make them on Kare 11 this week! Click here to watch the video.

Frankenworms Gummyworms soaked in baking soda and water come to “life” when you drop them into vinegar! Click here for directions and a video.

Here’s a video of Halloween science experiments you can find on KidScience app for iPhones and iPod Touch. Kids will love watching  how-to videos of all the experiments on KidScience Premium!


Next week, I’m headed to Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland to learn more about climate change for my role as an Earth Ambassador for NASA!  When I return, I’ll talk about my trip and demonstrate an all-new Halloween science experiment on Kare11’s Sunrise News on Oct. 19th.

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