Homemade Petri Plates Video

 - by KitchenPantryScientist

Does soap really get rid of germs? On Wed. morning, Feb.27th, I’ll stop by Kare11 Sunrise around 6:20 to demonstrate a cool hand-washing experiment and talk about Citizen Science, which lets you help real scientists with their research by collecting data on everything from microbes to dog behavior.

Here’s how to make petri plates for the hand-washing experiment, where you touch labeled sections of the plates with your fingertips before washing, after washing with water alone, and after scrubbing with soap. You can also use the plates to grow microbes from around your house or school!

Click here for a link to the written recipe and more science. I made this video for both the free and premium version of KidScience app, where it will appear on next week’s update, along with the recipe.  I’ll post details for the hand-washing experiment early next week.

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